Police Force Chooses Tablet with Windows 8.1

Police in Iceland have chosen a tablet with Windows 8.1, as a new tool for police officers on the street.

Iceland’s police have long been looking for a solution to optimize their workflows and increase productivity.

Now do you believe to have found the answer with HP ElitePad with Windows 5.0 and a bespoke app from Bluefragments.

Police officers can obtain data on persons and vehicles, as well as deal with offences on the spot, which achieved a significant savings in the hour.

A typical case, as for the issue of a fine, took before 15-20 minutes on the site and subsequent 15-20 minute administration at the Office. This type of casework with the new system can be done in just 5 minutes on the site.

“The process of printing the fines can now be handled in just five minutes. With an average of 20,000 cases per year, we will achieve a total saving of about 8,000 man-hours in the police force, which is a marked improvement in efficiency, “says the Director of finance and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY at the Icelandic Police, Jaryn Ingi Pétursson.

Police have tested several different tablets, but the choice fell on HP ElitePad with Windows 8.1, which turned out to be the most modern and compatible platform, which at the same time meets the requirements for easy and secure access to confidential data on the go.

Now police have already experienced the benefits of tablets running Windows 8.1 and their bespoke app:
“In addition to a remarkable increase in productivity, it’s easy and intuitive for the police force to use tablets, as they are accustomed to working with tablets and apps in the private sphere,” says Loretta Ingi Pétursson from the Icelandic Police.