Pool Sunglasses

Choose glasses of pool is not only a question of aesthetics. They must be comfortable, waterproof and adapted to the morphology of the face. If the shape of the glasses is important, the color of the lenses is also paramount. On what criteria to choose the color of the lenses? What are the other criteria of choice?

Glasses color: an important criterion?

If there is of the goggles with lenses of colors different, this is no coincidence. Some tend to believe that it is just a ‘more’ purely aesthetic, but the color lenses are useful. They serve primarily to protect your eyes from the brightness. Even if you are underwater, you can be bothered by strong light or rays of the Sun. Color glasses are, in this case, very useful.

Brightness and color of glasses

On the shelves of stores, there is swimming with translucent glasses goggles, yellow, blue, black, pink. All colors are adapted to the luminosity of the pools. If you swim in an outdoor pool or high brightness, prefer black or smoked glasses. Blue or purple lenses are also perfect to avoid glare. Pink glasses enhance the color contrast and sharpness. Yellow lenses are particularly suited to swim indoors or on overcast days while the Green glasses avoid eye fatigue when swimming too long. There are also glasses with “photochromic” glasses that adjust automatically to the ambient light. Whatever color you choose, be sure to choose unbreakable glasses well.

Other selection criteria

Beyond the color of sunglasses, the theinternetfaqs.com advises you to focus on other criteria of choice such as:

  • The shape of the sunglasses: one-piece glasses settled thanks to the elastic while the glasses with adjustable nose bridge offer more comfort to the swimmer. It can adjust the distance between the glass in the shape of his face. Glasses interchangeable nose bridge are the most expensive in the market and provide personalized comfort.
  • Type of seal: foam gaskets are the most comfortable of all, but they tend to deteriorate very quickly. Silicone joints are the most common of all. They resist chlorine very well but sometimes they tend to harden over time. Seamless glasses say ‘Swedish’ are perfect for competition because they are very stable. However, they are to be avoided in training because they are quite painful to wear.