Popular Soccer App Reconstructed from Scratch

A major update of the popular soccer app Live Score Addicts has provided space for both the new user interface and new features.

For a little over a year ago was the so-called Live Score Addicts-app launched. Now have both the user interface and features got a major overhaul.

The team behind Live Score Addicts has thus reconstructed application from scratch.

This means, among other things, that you can now follow both teams and tournaments. All the team, as you follow, will always appears at the top of the battle list. The all-new menu on the left side of the screen gives more space to match the list and provide easy access to teams and tournament pages.

Tournament page makes it possible to fasten the tournaments at the top, which gives faster access to fixtures, and top scorers table for your favorite tournaments.

Committee in relation to the push notifications is in the appendix has been extended. This means that events such as objectives, map, pause, etc. have been joined by, for example, damage, stoppage time and ends at the woodwork.

According to Football Addicts, which stands behind the Live Score Addicts for Android and iPhone, has application 1.3 million monthly active users.

You can see more about the new version in the video below.