Portuguese Voice Recognition on Android

Android phones from 2.2. You can count on the voice recognition function in Portuguese. You speak and the phone understands by filling in the fields where you could type.

Speech recognition allows you to dictate words and commands to the phone. You can send e-mails, make calls, send text messages just saying the command and the name of the contact.

About voice recognition technology on phones with Android is called “Voice Input”. You speak and the phone type. As you speaking the words will appear in the text box. Even the score can be spoken and the phone will understand.

To activate your device with Android 2.2 or higher, to turn up the keyboard click on the small microphone that appears just to the side of the SPACEBAR.

The video below shows speech recognition in English, and it works very well. I did tests with the voice recognition in Portuguese and not the result. He hit only 1 time and the times missed the result was very different from what I had said. In any case, to activate the function has been given a warning that the product is still experimental.

Watch the video and then activate the voice recognition in Portuguese on your mobile device.

Each day more phones are getting faster and voice commands will be able to use more processing and speech recognition in Portuguese and many other languages will be better and better!