Prada Shoes, PVC Sandals

Among the many trends of the spring-summer 2010 we can not but speak of what we saw romping brands and designers in search of more neutral and transparent material. Prada has made ​​of PVC banner this spring-summer 2010 collection: I really find everywhere, from bags, also studded with shiny crystals, to shoes. In fact today we speak to you just in these sandals in PVC, which “likely” to become one of the must-have this season.

The spring-summer 2010 has a slogan: transparencies. Has made ​​its flag Prada, which for next season has created a collection entirely dominated by transparent materials such as PVC. Glossy and colorless, PVC is a material that dominates many collections for spring-summer 2010: we saw in bags Etro and Hogan – Whicheverhealth –  who used it to make two versions of the classic trend and the new new Script, and we see it now in the bags in designer shoes Prada.

Here are some of the models we saw at the foot of the mannequin who marched in Milan Fashion Week. Prada tries to revisit a bit ‘all the classic models of the summer season, hooves, must-have this spring / summer, the sabot sandal, from Mary Jane, with black upper and transparent heel with peep to. Then there are the decorated sandals with crystals, another key detail of this spring-summer collection. What do you think? Ever you wear sandals in this material?