Preparation for Ski Trip

I know that traditionally make ski holidays in February, but since to prepare the perfect suitcase to go skiing it takes a little ‘time and patience I thought about planning ahead and tell you now what you absolutely can not leave home and what, if anything, you can buy (for more in balance!) before departure!

I decided to divide everything between daywear (ski, hotel or shelter) and clothing evening, then adding some inevitable accessory! Let’s find our perfect suitcase!


For of course the key thing day is a ski suit that is hot, technical and preferably colored so as to give us a bit ‘of fun! If the pants have them already and maybe also in a neutral color such as blue or black, dare with the quilt that you can use both on skis in the city! Warm, colorful and super feminine is this CMP which you can find in fuchsia, pink, green, purple and orange, always with contrasting interior! (100 €)

To stay warm, comfortable and dry even in the super cold conditions choose a highly technical T-shirt, slim and very hot to always keep under clothing like Patagonia Capilene 4 Espedition, also available in bright colors (100 €)

As for the shoes, after taking the boots for many hours our feet need a comfortable boot, warm and practical. This sneakers inspired by Sorel snowboarder joins waterproof suede uppers with fun colors, a warm fleece lining and a very comfortable footbed: in short, the right compromise for a comfortable head, but trendy! (€ 149.95)

Inevitable then the touch screen gloves if you are a true geek girl, fantastic these Skingloves that in addition to having the touch extended functionality to the entire glove, are made for the 93% in Merino wool and, in classic colors, are elegant, discreet and suitable for any occasion! (30 €)


As instead regards the evening, my advice is to sacrifice a bit ‘of space in the car or in your suitcase and carry a spare jacket for a ride to the store or go out to dinner! If the idea of ​​fur coat looks too “City” how about opting for the new Parka-Eskimo launched by Woolrich, completely waterproof and with full padding and detachable fur in the autumn season? (€ 599)

Inevitable then a warm hat, and even better if a bit ‘funny. My Favourite? Surely this Grevi Mode bear-shaped, perfect for a walk in the village before dinner!


Do not forget, then, to bring a swimsuit, to access the spa of your hotel or hotel to some friends, trust me: every time you forget it at home then regret it, a costume is always useful!

And finally two tips so I definitely thank: the first is to bring an external laptop battery to charge your smartphone at high altitude and without sockets, my favorite is this Puku, colorful super! (75 € approximately) The second is to bring a boss warm and enveloping passpartout to use in your home or hotel in moments of pampering and relaxation, perfect this cape stacks of Domyos (Decathlon) (14 €)