Prince Tribute Tattoo Designs

A few days after his death, there are numerous tattoos that pay homage to Prince and his music. Look at the gallery and discover how the fans have chosen to make the immortal genius of Minneapolis.

I have several tattoos dedicated to Prince  appeared on Instagram a few days after his unexpected death. Many “young people” of all ages have chosen to remember him with a tattoo. From black and gray portraits to more creative designs, here are ten examples of how the Prince fans have chosen to make him immortal, as it is already his music.

A color portrait of the Prince of Minneapolis

The essence of Prince in one tattoo: his unmistakable tuft, the collar dandy, the dove crying (the title of his famous song), guitar symbolizing his “ideogram” purple. Curiosity: the color used for the purple pigment is called When Doves Cry (created by The Formula Tattoo Ink Supply)

The artist’s magnetic eyes, cleverly combined with its symbol and the inevitable color purple.

Singer, guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Prince had a talent for music out of the ordinary and an aesthetic that has made icon over the years. Unforgettable her outfit dandy, color purple of course!

The Prince logo: the fusion of the male with the female symbol. This graphics processing will be used as the title of his fourteenth album, Love Symbol Album, 1992

Album titles have become legends

In addition to Purple Rain, also Sign o ‘the Times , published in 1987.

When Doves Cry is one of the most famous songs of Prince and among the most frequently chosen by his fans tattoos. Here in a stylized version.

A portrait “artist” by Prince, which contains in a single image his two immortal songs: Purple Rain and When Doves Cry.

At the end of this amazing roundup of tattoos, which then are also statements of unconditional love, it’s appropriate to close with one of the legendary Prince of phrases: “May 2 U Live See the Dawn”.