Program Translates Real-Time Plates

Smartphones are becoming more and more indispensable in everyday life of the people. Among the many reasons to have a smartphone translate signs can be one of the most unusual, but not for this less useful. On your next trip abroad, with a utility like this, you have one more reason to buy a smartphone.

Application to Translate Signs, Signage, and Menus in Real Time

The application Google Translate translates plaques and signs automatically, by this point the camera to the text. This will be displayed on the screen of the phone already translated. Is the type of result that magic, that makes you review their concepts about the limits to such innovations.

Good Quality Translations at Your Fingertips, with Cutting-Edge Technology!

The translation result is displayed in a simple manner and using the program is intuitive. But don’t think that the application has a simple construction. OCR techniques are used, augmented reality, image processing, computer vision, and many other advanced technologies. The translation itself is the easiest part of the process, believe me.

The project, which began as the Word Lens for iPhone, and Word Lens for Android, was quickly absorbed by Google Translate, which also translates audio and normal text. The service today uses the database of information present in the own Google Translator, used by millions of people around the world to help in the translation of texts, websites, articles, news, and more.

Liked it? Google Translate is free for iPhone and Android, available on the App Store and Play Store. After you download and test, go back in the comments to comment how was your experience of real-time translation to phone!