Pros and Cons of Leggings

An American college prohibits students wearing the leggings. At least under certain conditions. Indeed, the latter will be tolerated only with its accessories (skirt, shorts, dress…) and not in the pants instead. The official reason: “the conduct of students must not become a distraction to the men in a school environment.” And Yes, you don’t expect it, huh? The leggings are THE small controversy of the moment.

In leggings you fascinating you, challenging you?

Amazing to see that a garment from the navel and up to the ankles can open the debate about the Sexualization of young teenage girls, and yet… When the latter is worn as pants, it turns out, according to some, be too ‘sexy’ because often too late and too close to the body.

What bothers me still a little in this type of debate, is the way in which society deems a provocative woman or not to the eyes of men, without ever questioning the man. Maybe the man could also make an effort, because I doubt that it is so difficult to contain himself in the face of a pair of naked ankle and legs completely covered in fabric. Finally, in short, that’s all for the feminist digression.

Then my leggings, I wear as I want?
Well no! Is not make fashion missteps either! Let me explain. When you walk into a store looking for leggings, you won’t find (in general) not to middle of jeans and other pants, but to the radius of the… sticky! So no need to procrastinate on it, when you find a product to halfway between socks and panties, there is no doubt, we’re facing an undergarment and we have to wear it as such. Leggings are actually a kind of sticky, they are so often made in cotton jersey that brings transparency, and, even with the black (we’re in agreement, so I speak not the treggings). Because most the leggings is skintight, more STS deviate. Finally, to finish with the detail who kills, ‘pants’ marrying perfectly all your shapes and embellished of this magnificent and imposing elastic around the size, will train very often some well-located folds which, without any decency, will form a sublime V which will tell everyone the exact place of your little kitten (or regardless of the name you give) and there , we say STOP!

Some of you may answer me that at the time, their parents dressed with a spindle, which ultimately is what leggings with a small rubber band that runs under the foot, and that this offended anyone. Certainly that shocked nobody, but already at the time it was not pretty, so I don’t see why you would insist even today. What you insist? Well, for those who are keen to wear their leggings without anything on it, here are some essential tips:

(1) what is believed opaque is not necessarily, a test is required. It is quiet at home, we put her little leggings, let’s take a quick look at the mirror and get out confident. Well no, because sometimes we don’t see all the details. Then we put the halogen maximum and have the test of the label (for those who don’t cut them). If you see not even a tiny part of this small white square, don’t wait any longer, get a tunic. And for those who think that I quibble and that person won’t look so close, and well you should know that when you go up the escalators, and I find myself 2 steps below you, my face is stack up to your buttocks and this famous label may put one of us uncomfortable.

(2) a string or panties? You choose knowing that the pants, we know, leaves marks through the garment and the string will think you’re naked under your floral leggings. EmilyLeggings, isn’t it?

Hey Julie, you’re not exaggerating a bit?

Well, maybe just a little. But it seemed important to emphasize a few points. For my part, I love leggings but don’t wear them alone. I find them perfect in the winter with boots and a sweater dress or a skirt or short shorts, that I wouldn’t dare wear in town. But they are also very well with a tunic or sportswear with a touch of swag style. I propose therefore two outfits that have the lightness of the spring but with enough ups long to conceal your attributes…