Pumps with High Heels

Please tell me that you guys are part of that category of women who get to volonte with heels. I know, I know, I know. It is not the top for safe driving, but the convenience is undeniable. True, there is always the option of wearing the dancers and then, before you get out get their stilettos: but how many of you do? Well, in my group of friends (at least those stiletto equipped)… no!Argh! When I read a study just conducted by Direct Line I have pricked the antennae and I immediately decided to talk about it with you, the murderess heeled girlfriends!


Know that if you drive in heels belong to 18% of the female population aged 25 to 34 who decides to take the lead with stylet (Of at least 10 cm!). It knows well, though, that really is not advisable to drive safely, drive the car with his heel to toe: the most conservative are over 35, and for 37% of cases they use flat shoes and comfortable to drive while 16% are women between 35 and 44 years using the heel yes, but i choose to average height. The younger girls? Well, they drive safely on flat shoes for … more outfits need for judgment: 36% of girls in the age group between 18 and 24, drives with the sneakers, the most suitable for their casual wear.

Pumps with vintage high heels

Obviously, as I said, the most practical alternative, if you do not want to give up pumps with high heels, is to wear a pair of dancers and then, before getting out of their cars, change her shoes (please, do not drive barefoot, as I heard that someone does!): you know that 32% of girls under 24 years of age using this trick (thanks, dancers folded!). Now I’m really curious! Com is your guide? Are you among those who would never give up the heel 12 or sneakers (or foldable ballet flats) are a must in your life by female drivers?