Qualcomm Snapdragon 815 Not Exists, a Representative of The Company Makes It Clear

A few weeks ago came the rumor that Qualcomm was working on an intermediate processor between the 820 and 810. Perhaps all grew out of questionable performance of the chip carrying phones like the HTC One M9 or the Note Mi Pro Xiaomi. Whatever it is, This information spread like wildfire and it had to be someone from the company who has had to put a stop to esto.

According to a representative of Qualcomm, There is the Snapdragon 815. Yes, this alleged 16 nanometer processor is a hoax. In this way, those graphs that came out a few days ago where it was the alleged performance of this new chip and the descent of temperature against the 800 and 810 are false. And no, this is not a hoax by April Fools’.

The future of Qualcomm goes through the 820

The immediate future for Qualcomm goes through the 820. A processor that we met in Barcelona and that in addition to adding more power and add new functions should serve to solve temperature problems that have left to see 800 and 810 models. That Yes, does not seem that we we will see mounted some device soon.

Being optimistic, and this they are speculations of a server, We’ll see at the end of year on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 future. Possibly someone else will point but it is likely that we begin to see devices with Snapdragon 820 at the beginning of the coming year.

At the moment this 2015 aims to be a year of 810. A Qualcomm representative confirmed to me in an event held in London last February that There is confirmed more than 80 devices with this chip for this year. The figure is high and probably cover the majority of mobile and stop tablets of range. It is also true that TVs are included in that number, but Mediatek has that market dominated.

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