Radiator for Bathroom

The radiator is the result of innovation and technology that over time have managed to improve the aesthetic appearance of traditional radiators and heaters. In fact, an element of the same time responds to a need functional radiator (heating) and an aesthetic (make it agreeable thanks to design).

Radiator for Bathroom

Compared to traditional forms of heating, offers greater flexibility in adapting to the environment is a matter of space and design. This avoids the unpleasant effect we all know due to the presence of an old radiator that appears out of place within the environment. The presence of old radiators in inappropriate places that prevent us from exploiting the room is dictated precisely by their lack of flexibility and an element radiator offers many advantages because it is able to leverage intelligently the space at his disposal.

What Is a Heated Towel Rail

Let’s start with the basics: you know what a radiator?
This is a special small radiator, which can be used as a traditional radiator, or by taking advantage of the particular models.

A classic radiator comes in the shape of a ladder, with parallel horizontal tubes which provide to emanate warmth throughout the room.

They are especially suitable in warm and not too large such as the bathroom, but they can also be used in other rooms.

What Is a Heated Towel Rail?

Heating is the primary function, they are also practical towel radiators: simply put towels or a towel between her hot slats to try a really enjoyable experience once you got out of the shower in the colder periods of the year.
In addition, the towel warmer is capable of heating and drying your towels that were propped up close.

All this with a small footprint, in fact among the many advantages of radiator we find the small dimensions, allowing easy installation of the radiator heated towel rail in bathroom, especially in smaller ones!

Different Types of Decorative Radiator

We come to the practical part of the question: how are the radiator? Defined by Digopaul, radiators come in different types and companies specialized in their production have indulged in time of creating forms the most interesting and unique design to make the towel warmer an object that knows how to furnish with taste in addition to meeting the practical needs of heating.

They are obviously present in out site and main models are divided into four categories:

  • Classic white straight or curved
  • Chrome classics straight or curved
  • Design decorative radiator
  • Electric

With regard to the first two, we are talking about the most common form of decorative radiator with aluminum radiators that have two main parallel and vertical profiles, joined by several tubes placed horizontally.
→ On our e-commerce are both the classic white decorative radiator that chrome.

Either way, it’s a neutral aesthetic finish that can be paired with any style of furniture and with any color, a choice still apt to heat the room discreetly and elegantly.

Design Decorative Radiator

The third category is the one that emphasis the aesthetic beauty of this object type, assuming particular forms or furnishing and heating without forgetting the design.
The classic lines are abandoned in this case for winding spirals or modern compositions with side ports or hiding behind the guise of a mirror effect.

The last category is the one that represents a perfect solution if you don’t have a heating system to connect to, but don’t want to give up her beauty and comfort: the electric radiator.

This is a special radiator radiator system attacks not required to work, but it can be easily placed anywhere in the House being powered from normal electric current.

In this case, the liquid that passes inside the radiator, and allows him to reach the desired temperature, takes advantage of the electric current, but fear not for consumption because you can set and adjust all through the thermostat.

How Much Power Do I Need?

Whether it’s a renovation or a new House, you can’t underestimate a very important aspect which the power needed to heat the environment.
To know what kind of radiator purchase, just do a simple calculation using the measurements of the room where you want to place it.

The thermal energy required to heat the rooms varies from room to room and depends on the volume, the exposure and heat loss.

The necessary thermal power is expressed in kilowatts, and to calculate it you won’t have to do is multiply the volume of the room to the coefficient 0.05.
As a result, multiplies the square meters of the room to the height of the fall, the result will be its volume, which will once again multiplied by 0.05: the resultant figure will be the necessary thermal power in kW.

Heated Towel Rails: How to Choose Valve and Lockshield

During the purchase, remember to also buy valve and lockshield: these are two fundamental parts that should be evaluated depending on the model chosen.
The valve is usually placed in the upper part of the radiator, with the purpose of regulating water flow and temperature, while the holder isolates the radiator.

Valve and lockshield radiator material vary, which can be manufactured or plywood, and according to the diameter of the tube, which can be from 10, 12, 14 or 16.

Then checks the characteristics of the model that you’re buying and choose accordingly valve and holder.

Radiator: All the Advantages of a Functional and Beautiful

Here is a summary of all the advantages that derive from the installation:

  • Space: it’s small and unobtrusive compared to traditional radiators and can fit into any bathroom or bedroom
  • Features: heating and practicality, it becomes a useful Towel holder that manages to heat them and dry them if necessary
  • Aesthetics: as the name implies, this is an object able to furnish the space where thanks to its particular shape
  • Cleaning: despite the different forms, it cleans easier and more practical than a classic radiator because it does not have hard-to-reach crevices to remove accumulated dust
  • Costs: you can take advantage of all these benefits described above at an affordable cost to all

Check out the section on decorative radiator prices by finding the model that suits you best.