Real Football 2013-Let the Game Begin (Games Test)

TEST: are you interested in the football game, but miss being able to play a decent game on the go?Read the test of Real Football 2013.

It doesn’t matter to you that football teams do not have the real names and the same with the players, so you get a lot of football games, both the part on the pitch but also all who follow a football club off the pitch, Real Football in 2013.

With Real Football 2013 do you stand for everything that is for the Club you select. You must employ all staff, from the masseur, coach, develop the stadium, manage the head office-which among other things includes selecting sponsors for the Club’s teams.

However, you must then “live with”, the names of clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City is changed to One Red and One Blue. But the game fails certainly nothing, and it is also the games giant Gameloft, which stands behind the popular football game. However, you can “collect” the “real” players to you over time.

Track around the football club and the fight

When you start the game up, then choose first and foremost which Club you want to be. In our testing we have chosen, we will be One Red (the game’s response to Manchester United).

Subsequent sets you so your team in the Club, which players are on the pitch and what is on the bench?You can also sell or buy players, if there must be changes on that front.

When the fight begins so it appears what weather it is, whether it is night or day etc. – on the same screen, select whether you want to use your out or home clothes. So is it also time to “kick off”.

The actual governance of the players is easy and right to, whether it is played on an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone. You control the direction in which the players must run with the left hand and with the right select in defense/attack must either press your opponent/hand off the ball, running fast, tackle your opponent/shoot on goal.

Before the game starts, at half-time or when scores, you have the possibility to buy boosts, which means you booster your players – either defence, midfield or attack.

After each game you get so money depending on whether you win or lose. The money after the game also depends on whether it is a home game, which of course then gets for the spectators.

The sponsors also pays money after the fight depending on what conditions they provide sponsorships. Examples might be “win the battle” or “there are no scores against a” etc.


Improve Soccer Club

You can continuously between fighting and the surroundings of the Club improve the whole. Be it anything from expanding “spa-areas”, where players can get rest and get ready again after injury breaks, as well as expansion of fan-shop, or the stadium.

You can either struggle to “coins” and “cash” or buy them with real human-money. The improvements at the stadium, in fan-shop etc. all of this ultimately also have something to do with how much money you can earn, as the number of revenue for ticket sales depends on how many seats it has in the stadium, etc

The same applies to sponsorship agreements that you just must watch out for in step with you will be better – because there is a lot of money to be made on the various agreements.

After each match are also displayed a newspaper front page, which is either good or bad for you – just like you also get a lot of mails in your Inbox, where some of it is something you should consider, for the Club’s future.

Real Football 2013 is free to download and play, but there is the possibility to buy additional “coins” or “cash”, which can be used to get even more options in the game itself. However, it can also be played by fighting into the possibilities.

Conclusion – incredibly much game for no money

Real Football 2013 was released in October 2012, and since there are four updates to the game, which made it even better.

The latest update came 2. April 2013 and provides, among other things, their ability to make “rematch”, which cost a little “cash”, but in return you get the chance, to have turned a defeat into a victory. However, there is a “free” rematch option for each day.

You’ll also get incredibly much game for no money with Real Football 2013. An alternative to the game is Fifa 13 from EA Sports, which cost 32 dollars to buy – can subsequently also purchased additional “packages” – for example, FIFA points or Manager Budget.

In short, Real Football 2013 a super good game, where you can get a lot for nowhere and choose to spend a little money on it – so are the possibilities just yet greater from the start.

We give Real Football 2013 5 stars out of 6 stars, and the game is very close to its top rating, but since we have experienced a few times that the game went in the notch and the match should be played on + we miss the real names of players and clubs-Yes, we cannot reach the top.

But you can get started with the game without having to have “money” up the Pocket is completely cannon.

It requires either cellular data or Wi-Fi to play Real Football 2013.

You can download Real Football 2013 for free in Apple’s App Store or Google Play Large.