Rectangle Shaped Sunglasses

Round glasses still do not pass their positions. They are not only good protector from sunlight, but also beautiful and stylish accessory.

Rectangular – Memories of 70s

This form of points is very popular in the 70s of the 20th century. They were very large, and a variety of settings eye pleasing colors.
Rectangular more of a square shape frames this season again popular.
If you have a round face, sunglasses rectangular, will become for you an excellent acquisition. This setting is perfect accentuate cheekbones and extended profile.
Round sunglasses are often made of colored plastic handle and is decorated with the brand name. Thanks to its shape to create a sporty, slightly naughty image with a touch of human nature.

Rectangular in the Performance of Different Brands

  • Famous brand aGooddir, introduced classic version sunglasses with a rectangular shape. Frames and brackets are made ​​of thick plastic, and they are round lenses.
  • Round sunglasses by Versace. Acute and dynamic model. The wide frame and dark lenses in tone, and a large arch decorated with contrasting brand.
  • Points Mark Jacobs. His model points are average size, but they attract attention, thanks to brace made ​​in bright, saturated colors. Quite unusual and playful glasses.
  • Glasses Diesel. Unlike other brands, these models have a thin metal frame and brackets. Although purely feminine color scheme – deep red color.

Settings for Successful Performance Color

This season, the trend bright and saturated colors, so you can safely buy glasses frames with red, green, neon, purple and yellow. Also, extra designers decorate their crystals, stones and carvings. Every girl can pick up the glasses with rectangular frames to suit your tastes and preferences.