Regatta Polo Shirt

CO Summer is coming, and this time is interesting you wear light clothing and to help freshen up the body. The shirts regattas are perfect for this season. They are already the face of the summer. After all, we live in a tropical country where the climate is conducive to the use of light and freshly baked parts.

An important thing tank top is that it combines with everything ! Pants, skirts, shorts, and can be used both by them and by them. Is not it? The same is great for men and women of any color, height, body shape, etc.

The coolest thing is the versatility of this piece with the tank top you can go work out, go to the beach, walk around the mall and even work. But it is logical that to work you will need to put something like a jacket or blazer over, will be stylish.

For the desktop, use a darker color and combine with a jeans dark wash, foot wingtips, Oxford, scarpin or even slippers, is a perfect combination for more formal settings.

There are several types of racing, a well dug and others less so, being part of the sleeve and on the shoulder. For those men who have a lot of body hair, the best thing to do is to use the second option.

The shirts races more hollowed are indicated to go to the gym, the beach, to walk outdoors and when the day ‘s weather calls for something more fresquinho. If you are walking to stretch a little program in the evening, just put a jacket over it will be ready.

For women also models are very varied, have those very light and small squares, perfect to wear with a tank top underneath, these fit with any outfit at the bottom, also has those cropped and coladinhos the body, used more for those who do physical activity and who are the potbelly days.

There are still many, many female models, and always has a difference from one to another, either the handle or tissue, either in the model or an article, designers have been working on this piece so versatile.

They can be used both inside and outside the skirt or pants, try and see which one best matches your personality and body.

As for what to use on the feet, the race does not rule, will depend on what style you want to spend, sportsman, romantic or elegant, for each of you can match the first one tennis, according to a rasteirinha and the third jump medium, and so on.

A good example is the T race silk or satin, they are perfect to work, walk or even go to the club. As has been said, they all match, so depending on where to go, just change the bottom part and accessories.