Remove Clothing Cat Hairs: Seven Tips

Toughest cat hairs can be removed from clothing with tacky rollers, packing tape and even with wet rags.

When a cat comes into our life, everything becomes a cat! Shirts, pants, the shirts… All garments seem engaged in covered with a fine layer of hairs of our friend. However, as described below, the hair of the cat can be removed from clothing with simple tricks: among them, use rollers with packing tape or adhesives, use moistened wipes and latex gloves and works up to put to soak clothes in the most critical situations.

How to remove the hairs of cat’s clothes?

When a cat comes into our life, everything turns into a cat! T-shirts, the shirts, pants and even the sofa appear to be covered with a fine layer of hairs of our friend. This fact has an obvious explanation: the cats are furry and your hair is part of its charm. “The hair plays an important role in the sense of touch of the cat, as well as protect you from extreme temperatures, hot or cold”, explains Michael Foss, veterinarian from the University of Washington and author of ‘Anatomy and psychology of the cat’.

The protective function of the hair of the cat explains that you need to renew it to keep it healthy. This change takes place, especially when the temperatures are more moderate, i.e., during the spring and autumn in the northern hemisphere. And this hair which almost inevitably ends up in the clothes of those who live with cats.

However, when it is so furry love like the cat, it is important not to lose the calm. Hair of the cat can be removed from clothing with some simple tricks or, at least, reduced considerably!

1. remove hair from clothes with brushed daily cat

Brushing the cat journal is the best way of removing the hair of the dead body of the feline and, consequently, avoid that they fall and end up on clothing. “Cats need that we brush their fur each day to keep you healthy and protect your skin”, explains Patricia González veterinary medicine.

The rule of three, in this case, is simple: When you better brush the cat, more dead hairs are trapped in the tines, and less will land on our clothes.

2. remove the hairs of cat with adhesives and glue rollers

The brushings from the cat, however, does not always prevent completely their hair from ending up in the clothes. The hugs and cuddles to feline are a way to reduce stress, and for an animal lover is hard to resist. What to do then to remove the hairs of the cat who are engaged in garment. Read more.

Mode more quickly and easily remove the hairs of the cat of the garments is to use a brush of clothing or paper with glue roller. This type of accessories sold in many stores for animals and can even be in larger establishments at prices not too high (from two or three euros, with four spare parts). How are they used? The adhesive surface glides over garments so collect the hairs.

An cheaper alternative, however, is to use adhesive packing tape: although it is a bit fiddly (not allow rolling through clothing), performs the same function. Just wrap your hand around a piece of tape (for the part not sticking), and hit the adhesive side onto the garment.

For the less crafty, some commercial brands have created the so called quitapelos brushes, which can be found from six euros.

3. rubber gloves or Globes to remove clothing cat hair

Rubber kitchen gloves (such as those used for scrubbing or latex) create static electricity by touching surfaces like clothing. This buildup of electrical charges is useful to attract cat hairs adhering to clothing. However, it must be removed periodically trapped hairs, so the glove is more effective.

A more entertaining way of creating this static electricity to put an end to the hairs of the cat in the garments is to use a swollen balloon. Similarly, there is to rub the balloon sleeves and other garments with hairs and are, due to electricity, trapped in the balloon! If there are children at home, without a doubt, these household cleaning sessions will love them.

4. remove the cat hair from clothes with wet cloths and sponges

A cloth or damp sponge removes better clothing cat hairs, also serves to put the clothes to soak

Water is a great ally when it comes to removing cat hairs that remain on clothing. “My trick is to wipe with a cloth moistened by the clothes and rub, because it is very effective to catch the hairs retained in clothes”, explains Maite López, cleaning professional and owner of an adopted cat.

Another option? A spongecan also be used. The key, again, is to remove collected hairs every time and put to soak the rag or sponge, so that trapped hairs are floating in liquid, and release rag.

5. put the clothes to soak, so cat hair float

In extreme cases, extreme measures. When a pants or jersey seems insurmountable for the amount of hairs of cats that have adhered, a trick is to put the garment to soak in a hole with water, allowing the clothes to float in the liquid. In this way, the hairs accumulate together, and much of them will rise to the surface. So they will separate from the garment, which was the objective.

6. avoid the cat into the cabinets

This measure is preventive against the hairs of the cat in the clothes, but no less important. And it is that keeping cabinet doors closed is the best barrier to move them from the clothes and avoid that they fill with hairs. As the saying goes: prevention is better than cure.

In addition, the room where they keep most of the clothes can be declared “hair-free zone”, i.e., agrees to restrict the entry of cats to this stay. It will be difficult, since these animals are capable of performing Arabian goodies to us to succumb to its charms. But it worth, at least, try it.

7. the furry loves require patience

If after implementing all these tips, there are still some cat hairs on clothes, the best advice is patience. The furry love we share with cats and dogs have their peculiarities and, without doubt, one of them is to accept the fact that these four-legged companions… are surrounded by hairs! Why want it, right?