Review: Otterbox Commuter Wallet

Would you be able to both protect your phone and keep the bus adapter in the same place would be of service to the Otterbox.

OtterBox Commuter is a classic when it comes to rugged shell, unless you can live with the bigger size and extra weight that it brings. The size, however, is significantly smaller than the classic Defender, which offers additional protection. In recent years it has also become popular to combine mobile, a shell and a wallet in the same unit.

The trend would also, of course, hook the Otterbox and inside therefore the Otterbox Commuter Wallet. Basically it’s about a regular Defender-shell, but with a special slider on the back where a pair of cards can be stored. The cover itself is not that much space, so more than two cards means that it starts to feel quite crowded.

The solution with the sliding cover sit just right hard to not to feel that it slides up unconsciously, but the design itself feels surprisingly rickety, a little as if the cover will jump out of the Rails it slides at any time. At the same time feel the shell very plasticky with cover. The extra door also adds to the size, and it can almost be compared to a Defender-shells in size than with a regular Commuter-shell.

For this reason, it feels as if to combine these two types of Shell to a was not too fun idea in practice, but you’ll probably continue to choose which of the two you want to combine with your phone.


Name: Otterbox Commuter Wallet

Fits: IPhone 5/5S