Royal House Ready with Application-on the Queen’s Birthday

The Danes get an application about the Royal family on Queen’s birthday-download it right now.

Today, the 16. April is the Queen Margrethe’s birthday, but also the day where the Danish Royal family launches its first application for smartphones – the application reads the name of “the Royal family”.

In the application you can follow the Royal family’s activities on the mobile phone, read the latest news from the Royal family, find information on the Danish monarchy, the Royal palaces, historical collections, the organisation as well as view video and pictures from the events.

The application also allows for that, via its own phone can enroll in a system, so you get the message on the phone the day before a Royal activity takes place. It informs the Royal family on its website.

It is also possible, via a camera function in the application, to take pictures and send from official events to the Royal family.

-“A selection of the submitted photos will be published regularly on the website and the app,” informs the Royal family on its website.

“The Royal family” application can be downloaded for free in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.