Rumor: Amazon-Smartphone Goes with on the Big Screen-Trend

The first smartphone from Amazon are on the way. The screen will be supposedly 4.7 “instead of 4.3” as first planned.

The rumor about a forthcoming smartphone from Amazon, which is behind the popular Kindle tablet, is not new.

On the other hand, claims several sources from the supply chain to be able to contribute with new information on the screen, write our site.

Amazon should have ditched the original plans to equip the company’s first smartphone with a 4.3 “screen. Now they will instead concentrate on 4.7 “, tells the sources.

The reason is supposedly that development with large screens on smartphone market has got Amazon to assess that there will be more demand on 4.7 “than 4.3”.

According to sources, rates Amazon still on release in the second quarter, but since the production “has not gone as smoothly as expected” in the factories, there may be a delay.

It is, moreover, Foxconn’s factories, which Amazon collaborates with.