Rumor: Google Close to Buying Popular Messaging App

Google dealer allegedly about a purchase of smartphone app WhatsApp, which has been a huge success at, among other things, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Many smartphone owners worldwide have installed WhatsApp on the cell phone, and it has reportedly caused Google’s interest.

According to our site are currently negotiated life loose on a buy-back, which should make the popular messaging app for part of the Google universe.

An “inside source” illuminates the way that WhatsApp is trying to push the price even higher up, and that the right now is approaching a billion dollars-that is to say approximately 5.7 billion kroner. Negotiations have reportedly been running for four-five weeks.

Applications can send messages over the mobile data network, has won strong until recent years. Only new year’s Eve handled WhatsApp 18 billion incoming and outgoing messages.

Whatsapp supports both Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Nokia S40.

The first year is free, then waiting for a price of $0.99 to prolong by one year. In iOS version, however, there is talk about one-off payment when you download the app. Read more about payment model here.