Rumor: Smaller Screen Makes Nexus 5 More Compact

Google goes against the flow and supposedly makes the screen in the next Nexus smartphone less than his predecessor. See the other rygtede specifications here.

The trend of making the screens in smartphone-producers’ flag ships more and more clear, but Google did not intend to go the same way with the next cell in the Nexus family.

At least not if we are to believe our site.

Screen in Nexus 5 should therefore measure 4.5 “, which is a bit less than the 4.7”, who sits in the predecessor Nexus 4. Google goes not on 1080 p-race, but retains the 720 p resolution.

It is reported also that the screen will fill up 88 percent of the phone’s front. The idea is that the edge around the screen must be minimal and thus make Nexus 5 more compact, it is reported.

In addition, the new Nexus is sold with a focus on battery (2800mAh) and the camera (9-megapixel CCD image sensor).

According to will be equipped with a 5 Nexus Snapdragon 600 SoC (System-on-a-chip) with 1.5 GHz.

The above rumor is not consistent with the speculation, which ran at the beginning of the year.