Sale of Used Mp3 Files Is Illegal

Do you have a used mp3 file with music, you may not resell it.

The marketplace for used digital music, Redigi, will soon get cramped times, writes our site. A judgment rendered in the weekend finds that resale of digital music files is illegal.

The Court in New York did not mean it could be guaranteed that it actually is the original file that is sold. Thus it is a violation of copyright law.

Redigi has a system that analyzes the files and they are located on your computer, in order to find clues that can tell where and when the file is purchased. But even if the company believes to have a handle on who’s after a resale has the right to play the file, it was not good enough for the authorities.

The court system compared it with, to make a kassettebånds copy of an LP record, and then sell the tape afterwards.