Sales of HTC One Goes Well Around the World

While we continue to wait for the new top model from HTC comes on the shelves in Denmark, so goes beyond all expectations in sales abroad.

Analyst Alvin Kwock, from research firm JPMorgan, says the new top HTC One, will help the manufacturer toward brighter times after some hard months. It writes our site.

HTC One has otherwise been affected by the delay, due to a lack of components, which has meant that in the month of March was only sold around 300,000 copies.
It is expected however that, in the month of april will be sold around 1.2 million units, while sales in the month of May is expected to round the figure 2 million units.

The Danes still waiting on that HTC One will be available on the shelves in the stores, but by the end of week 17, the first customers begin to receive HTC One – just about at the same time, Samsung Galaxy S4 for sale in Denmark, which is expected to be the main competitor to the HTC One.