Samsung Galaxy S 4 Already Ready for Sale in April

Are you waiting for to the top model Galaxy S 4 put for sale – so don’t wait so much longer. Galaxy S 4 is ready in April.

It seems that Samsung’s newest top model Galaxy S 4 will already be on the shelves in the Danish Telecom shops and Web shops at the end of april.

Webshops with, among other things, Elgiganten and Proshop writes that they expect to get the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in stock from the 25. April. While and Happii has delivery date to 26 respectively. April and the 29. April.

You can already pre-order your copy of the Galaxy S 4.
The phone will have a suggested price of $5,199 dollars without subscription, but you can find current prices at our site.

Samsung has not yet even announced the date for the sales start out, but it looks so out of it will be a date in the month of april in spite of Samsung in the past just have said in the course of the second quarter.