Samsung Galaxy S6 Can Get Early Premiere

This year came the flagship of Samsung’s Galaxy S series in February, but for the next year can Samsung accelerate the process.

It was at Mobile World Congress in February, to Samsung unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 – the newest flagship in Samsung’s popular Galaxy S series. It has been expected that Samsung Galaxy S6 also will come at the MWC, which is first in March next year, but perhaps it comes already in January.

A Korean analysis company believe that Samsung will show Galaxy S6 forward already to the CES, which is first in January, so in less than a month. It will, according to analysis firm Mirae Asset Securities or called MAS, happen, among other things, due to poor sales figures for the Galaxy S5.

If Samsung will send next version on the street in February, after a presentation in early January, so will Samsung have a head start compared to the competitors who only shows their flagships until at MWC.

It is expected that among other HTC and Sony would be ready to present their flagship at MWC in early March.

More burn on the curved bonfire

Analysis the company also believe in that there will be a variant of Samsung Galaxy S6 with a curved screen like Galaxy Note Edge. It will also be presented at the CES, Consumer Electronics Show, in January.

MAS believes that Samsung will sell 45 million copies of Samsung Galaxy S6, and of the 45 will be 10 million variant with the curved screen.

The rumors about the phone has already apparently revealed part elements around the phone. It should among other things be a QHD display at 5.5 “, 3 GB RAM, an impressive camera and latest processor.

How your phone looks, on the other hand, is a good question, since Samsung should have designed it from scratch without looking at the earlier versions.