Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, a Refurbished Tablet to Strive to be the Best

The tablet has become, for many of us, a device that we use every day. We sometimes do this to work but not kid ourselves, what we like is to relax with them and enjoy what we could make a phone but with a screen for everything great.

There are many to choose from but one of the main references of this sector is Samsung with its family Tab. After seeing their tablets for professionals at the beginning of year, today we have see his role more fun and focused to us spelling: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 listed on

What it brings back this tablet?

As its name indicates, we have the fourth generation of the tablet from Samsung. Four years of experience where the Korean company has improved its Tab to make every year better. Sometimes the differences are unseen to the naked eye, but when we have it in hand we quickly see where the major changes have been made.

At first glance, if you look at the picture that heads the article, we see that the wallpaper is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S5. So it is, but not only added this image but that the operating system has been renovated to bring the latest version of the Android operating system: Android 4.4 KitKat.

The main novelty in the applications found in the fact that we can have open two applications at the same time. For example: we can read our social networks while we are watching a video. If we live attached to the mail, also we can have it always in sight.

Samsung puts great emphasis on entertainment and why the 10.1-inch model is perfect for this purpose. We can read texts taking advantage of the quality of the screen or watch movies and series. More gamers can enjoy the Games catalogue that has Android, such as

These are not the only options of entertainment that has the tablet. Thanks to the options you have connectivity, we can send multimedia content to a TV. The only thing we need is to have this DLNA connectivity or by Miracast. Today any TV with Smart TV comes with these two options.

Moreover, we find ourselves with powerful specifications that will allow us to use any application or Android game without any problems. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a very good choice if we are looking for a device that entertain us and, if we need it, things work at hand. An extension of the phone but on a larger screen.

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