Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S Tablet Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S Tablet test: a serious competitor to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S Tablet Reviews

Samsung teams submitted a new Tablet this month, it’s the Galaxy Tab Pro S. A Tablet announced at CES in Las Vegas in January and who, on paper, had seduced the journalists present on-site. What we can offer Samsung with this Tab Galaxy Pro S?

First a touchscreen tablet running Windows 10 with a display of remarkable quality (Super AMOLED technology and 12-inch screen) with a very fine resolution to 2160 x 1440 pixels. It is currently sold with the keyboard dock that is clipped by magnet to the back of the tablet. In short, a tablet that is the direct competitor of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, particularly at the level of the price because the Tab Pro S is sold goshawks of €1000.

You may have guessed, this Galaxy Tab S Pro is a high-end product that aims to tease Apple and its iPad Pro or even Microsoft and its Surface Pro 4

Unpacking Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

Let’s be honest, Samsung has been fairly light on this one. We find:

  • The Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S
  • The keyboard, charger dock / USB
  • A USB cable for type C
  • The entry level Samsung headphones.
  • Adapters for earphones
  • A quick use guide
  • International warranty

It’s just a little for a product we just pay 1000, a cleaning cloth or a C USB adapter > USB 3.0 would not have been a luxury, we insist on this point because all the world lacks a cable USB type C.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S technical characteristics

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S offers technical specifications of very high quality, here are the details:

  • Screen 12 inch Super AMOLED
  • Resolution 2160 x 1440 pixels
  • Intel Core M Dual Core processor clocked at 2.26 Ghz
  • 4 GB of Ram
  • Storage internal SSD 128 GB or 256 GB depending on the model
  • Connectivity USB type C, jack 3.5 mm, owner keyboard dock connector
  • Networks WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, GPS, 4G (in option)
  • 10 Home Windows or Windows 10 Pro (depending on the model selected)
  • Front 5-megapixel camera, rear 5-megapixel with autofocus
  • 5200 mAh battery
  • 9 hours battery life
  • Dimensions290 x 199 x 6.3 mm
  • Weight 693 g (WiFi only) 696 g (WiFi + 4G)
  • Included keyboard dock / ear headphones

An impressive Super AMOLED screen

As you can see there are many very interesting points. First the screen including the quality really impressed us. A 12 inch size considered ideal for the nomads, a Super AMOLED technology which offers bright colors in the 3:2 format. Excellent rate of brightness of 450 cd/m² and the almost infinite contrast ratio bring a very good readability, on this one Samsung fully meets our expectations.

An Intel Core M3 just a little

The Intel Core 6Y30-m3 processor dual-core is clocked at 2.26 Ghz and is paired with 4 GB of Ram. It’s not bad at all and it turns Windows 10 quickly, it is fluid there is no downturn, it is very comfortable to use. Allow about 10 seconds to start the Galaxy Tab Pro S and 3 seconds to turn off the latter.

However little disappointment when we wanted to use Adobe Photoshop, we felt that the machine was rowing at times. It is the same using Adobe Premiere see Sony Vegas for editing video. Do not play video games with this tablet, all at the recent games, there is no dedicated graphics card, so rendering is pretty mediocre.

This tablet will be perfect for the word-processing, surf the web, view photos, but don’t expect to run into resource greedy software.

The connection kept to a strict minimum

Talk about the main reproach that we have to do in this tablet: connectivity. Or rather the almost total lack of connectivity. Then yes that Samsung wants to compete and tailgating Apple with his iPad Pro, but it would be wise for the South Korean brand of not making the same mistakes! The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S only has a single connector, a USB type C.

Although on paper this connector is the future, and in a few years everyone will have this connection, for the time being is not the case and so for us without a USB port or even a micro SD slot could have made the difference.

Just to show you the absurdity of this lack of connectivity, when we wanted to test the video portion of this tablet, it took to connect to our PC to transfer the movie on the shelf, thus occupying 2 GB for nothing… So clearly this is THE black point of this tablet.

Design / keyboard dock

We enjoyed the build quality of this tablet. Even if the obvious resemblance to a competitor is only coincidental, the selected materials are strong and beautiful. The edge of the Tablet is offering a record clean and elegant aluminium. The grip of the Tablet is very nice, Samsung has made a good effort on this point.

The plus of this tablet is to propose (as many competitors, Asus to name one) a keyboard dock completely adapted to this tablet. The strike has not packed us more than that, but the mounting of the keyboard system is well done. A magnetic part of the dock attaches directly to the back of the Tablet, the connectors used to link the tablet with the keyboard is magnetized providing strong mobile pc.

Finally the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is very fine, only 6.3 mm thick with a battery life of 9 hours, which is not bad at all for a tablet running Windows 10.

Multimedia Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

Audio not great

The audio part is pretty good when listening with headphones. However the situation is far more severe and unflattering when using the speakers of the tablet.

The bass is almost absent and acute tend to saturate. The addition of a speaker bluetooth can be interesting (see essential) If you want to listen to music with this tablet.

Some impressive video

In addition to the fact that you had to transfer the video file directly on the Tablet without a micro SD card or a USB key, rendering video is excellent. Obviously the quality of the screen with Super AMOLED technology is not innocent in this. The depth of the blacks is dense, the accuracy of the image is very good, a pure delight!We also tested via the Netflix app streaming videos, same thing it’s perfect.

Good quality video cameras

We also tested the two cameras. The front camera is 5 megapixels and the record is good. We tested it with the Skype software during a videoconference, despite the 5-megapixel it is pretty good.

For the camera on the back, it also embeds a 5 megapixel sensor but this time with an autofocus. The quality is also very good to take a photo or even make a video.

Photo Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

Our view on the Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

This Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is a nice product. She largely will do if you have a small computer portable, compact and impeccable design. If you want to surf the web, view your photos, emails, take pictures or video via the Tablet, watch a movie and a series or to the office, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S will be your perfect companion.

However if you want to run heavy applications, launch greedy software resources (Suite Adobe, software for editing video etc…) or still playing sophisticated video games this tablet may be somewhat limited. Finally the black point for us is the almost total lack of connection, only a USB type C is too little and this obstructs not bad when using this tablet.

Remains an ultimate issue, the cost of this Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. She is currently displayed goshawks € 900/1000. It’s too expensive compared to some of its competitors (Surface Pro 4 see Surface 3, HP X 2 360…). But if you hesitate betweenthe Pro iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S, for us the Samsung tablet is more interesting, particularly by the choice of Windows 10 to rotate the tablet.