Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge: South Korea Wonder Edge

Conclusion: The Galaxy touch edge presents itself in the test with high-end technology QHD display, clean processing, powerful CPU. At the edge of the display, Samsung shows a willingness to innovate, because that is useful with own applications and integrated homogeneously in standard apps. Left-handed leaves Samsung however literally left, and the edge meets no special function with too many apps.

The Bill edge was to have 999 euro in early December in the premium version directly from Samsung for juicy. In the large package, a special flip cover that let the edge, a 64-GByte memory card, a cleaning cloth and a comprehensive guide are in addition to the top Smart phone. We test the German series version of the edge with all popular LTE bands and radio frequencies. With normal delivery, you get the edge in Online shops for about 735 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge: The Technology

Between the touch of edge and Galaxy note 4 There is not much difference. Also the edge supports 4.1 Bluetooth, NFC, infrared, LTE of category 6 and Wi-Fi ac. Are also the back heart rate monitor and the fingerprint scanner on the home button. The performance is thanks to Snapdragon 805 and 3 GB RAM at the highest level. The S pen also works and has the features of note. Dual-window, multi-window and the notes apps are installed. The edge behind the touch 4 falls back on things phone acoustics. Ensure the light Hall notes sound and less suppression of background noise. The battery is under the level of the music creates the 3,000 mAh battery 4: in our online test 7:00 hours, in the call of duration of she last 8:19 hours. Quite good, but just not very good values that differ from those of note 4 due to the different battery capacity. The charging time is short but sensational thanks to quick-charge, 80-minute it goes from zero to 100 percent.

Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge: What Can The Kink?

Unlike nor in the Galaxy round has integrated homogeneously in the system Samsung the unique feature of the touch edge, which is why the Smartphone from our point of view is an innovation success via To take advantage of the features of the edge, you have to get on any new gestures or types of operation. Instead, it serves as a meaningful relief in combination with ordinary applications. The excellent 5.6-inch AMOLED display edge resolves to 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. 160 of this pixel are included in the width the edge. He is however completely autonomously. You can use it regardless of the leading, launch tools and retrieve information. A wiper down brings shortcuts for functions-such as a ruler placed on the edge or the flashlight-revealed.Side wipers to move through the various panels by stock market info and fitness data in the form of the ticker running in addition to shortcuts for certain apps of also Tweets.

Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge: Lefties Leaves Left

The edge but together with other apps play his greatest strengths. The Flipboard shows clickable categories at the edge, video player and camera controls on the edge hiking, so that they interfere with the picture displayed on the main display. Anything but a gimmick. Disabled screen rub Samsung’s wonder edge twice, so that information about date, time, and, for example, incoming messages popping up. The will fails. This not only saves electricity, but replaces also the clock on the nightstand. Samsung wants to continuously provide the edge with new applications. In addition we see TouchWiz edge Android of 4.4.4 with the UI. Without criticism the corner does not gone however, because she is still not integrated in any standard application and then remains until on a freely definable lettering black. The edge is placed on the right side should be also very cumbersome to operate left-handed.

Samsung Galaxy Touch Edge: Camera With Optical Stabilizer

The snapping of the edge works with 16 megapixels, a 4 k-camcorder, as well as an optical image stabilizer. Pictures succeed in all light conditions, especially during daylight hours the shots look extremely sharp. The fidelity is 7.3 deltaE in good mobile. Overall a very good camera. The front-facing camera it brings strong 3.7 megapixels and a wide viewing angle of 82 degrees. All known Samsung camera modes are available.

Samsung Galaxy touch edge: alternative

There is no edge, for less money and better battery life as well as promised lollipop update Samsung Galaxy touch 4. If you are looking for a XXL Smartphone with high-end facilities and numerous software features, there is no way at the touch of 4 passes. The latest winner of our mobile leaderboard will cost in the online-shop around 610 euro.

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