Samsung Gear S2 Classic eSIM

The S2 Gear Classic 3G is the first to have the standard future of the phone industry, chip eSIM

It seems incomprehensible that at this point still continue using SIM cards on our devices we have to change every time we change operator. I talked some time that Apple, Samsung and other large companies were working in the industry makes eSIM, a new standard that would be a universal SIM card built into every mobile device as a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch compatible with all mobile operators.

Today, it seems that we are closer to the day when the SIM card permanently disappear from the market. GSMA has announced the new features of eSIM chip smartwatch, quantifiers and tablets, with the Samsung S2 Gear Classic 3G market the first device to feature this technology. Apple slap: you can go on integrating this technology in the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

Of course, this is not the first device with a programmable SIM card, the iPad Air 2 and introduced something similar with the SIM Apple, but this time is a standard that will pass by all manufacturers of smartphones and mobile devices used in the next years. By the time the eSIM the Samsung Gear S2 (at will support the configuration of an operator at the same time, although the intention in the future is to save different profiles of several operators on the same phone .

No doubt it is a big step for the implementation of the eSIM technology already is being backed by major tech giants like Samsung, LG, Microsoft and Huawei, as well as companies largest telecommunications world: AT & T, Verizon, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and EE. In addition, the fact that it is a smartwatch the first device to incorporate eSIM is very representative, because The Future Of Smart Watches Is Directed To Be Increasingly Independent Of The Phone and have an already integrated SIM is a big step to achieve .

The eSIM will achieve this greater independence between the smart watches and smartphone

In addition, we have and that the eSIM is 90% smaller than traditional SIM cards, which comes in handy for devices with a size as small as the smartwatch. Undoubtedly, as we read in The Verge , this new technology opens the door to greater dynamism and versatility when choosing our data plan, you can give us low and choosing another operator in less than an hour and with all the guarantees.