Samsung Is Experiencing the First Downward Profit Since 2011

It is still large numbers, working with amsung, but there is not as much profit as the later years on the way to the Koreans.

It can be a little hard to understand when you say that a profit at 144 billion Danish kroner is a bad result, but it is nevertheless the case. It is the lowest profit for Samsung since 2011, but there are positive signs.

Samsung’s fourth quarter went for better than the third, and thus suggests that Koreans economy is being stabilized. 

These results are for the entire Samsung’s business that extends far beyond mobile phones, but cell division has been the company’s golden calf. In 2013 the mobile Department for 68 percent of stood the company’s profits, while they now is around 50 percent.

After the third quarter of 2014 it sounded figures at 48 percent, but the fourth quarter brightened up a bit for cell division. There is, however, no fasta figures out and about this yet-they are expected for a long time.

With to get things around on the right course in the last quarter of 2014 was among other things a good reception of Galaxy Note 4 and also good question on memory chips and lower markingudgifter.