Samsung Large Drawers in Third Quarter

The third quarter was a rubbish one of its kind for Samsung, who strongly back measured in market share.

Although Korean Samsung maintained its position as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, so it went sharply downhill in the third quarter of this year. Research firm Gartner has just published its figures for the third quarter, and Samsung has suffered heavy losses compared to last year.

Although everything was sold more smartphones than the same period a year earlier, as Samsung sold over 7 million fewer than last year. Samsung has gone from having sold 32.1% of all the world’s smartphones in the third quarter last year to 24.4 per cent in the third quarter of this year.

Apple’s market share, measured over the same periods, went forward with modest 0.6 percentage points.

There is also progress to track from China, where Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei fills top 5 out, when it comes to the number of smartphones sold. Interestingly enough, they were in the third quarter within one million units sold.

It gives the three Chinese manufacturers about a 5 percent market share each, and an overall progress for the 3 Chinese at 4.1 percentage points.

Android and iOS also went forward at the expense of, in particular, Windows Phone and Blackberry, according to Gartnets figures. Apple’s iOS came for good reason smartphone sales by 0.6 percentage points, while Android’s market share increased from 82 percent to 83.1 percent-an increase of 1.1 percentage points.