Samsung offers 50€ off by Purchasing a Tablet

Samsung is not unusual in promotions on its tablet, so there certainly will be amazed to learn that it was just another game, which also looks quite interesting.

You have until June 30 to buy a Galaxy tablet with mobile network connection, whether 3 g rather than LTE, and receive such 50€ discount on the purchase of the tablet. Translated into layman’s terms, the promotion is valid for the purchase of Galaxy Note 10.1, 10.1 2 Galaxy Tabor Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 only in versions 3 g or 4 g, and the discount is applied directly to the cashier on the price displayed in the store. This is not so of refunds, but immediate reduction on the price, but it cuts off online purchases because you will necessarily find a physical store that adhere to the initiative.

In addition comes a commute of 50 € in exchange of your old laptop or tablet, which must be complete with battery and charger; These last 50€ will be paid in the form of Bank transfer and not paid directly at checkout.

If you are so interested in the promotion, we can only refer you to the relevant page on the website of Samsung Italy, which also contains the complete rules in PDF format.