Samsung Plotting Around the Smartwatch

Next big exhibition for the mobile industry is MWC in early March, and Samsung display a round smartwatch speed

Korean Samsung has pumped smartwatches out with a speed greater than most, but they are far from finished. Already at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the beginning of March can Samsung display a round clock above.

The round clock will be Samsung’s first with the form, if it so be a reality, and it will just like the majority of the company’s other smartwatches run on Thinkbear operating system.

According to have the clock model number SM-R720 and code name Orbis internally at Samsung. Last month, Samsung a patent to control a smartwatch via a ring that can be rotated, and maybe it finds its way to the new clock.

Even if Samsung were some of the first with smartwatches among the great, then they are, according to many been overtaken on the design front. Both Motorola, LG and others have created round smartwatches, which many believe is a nicer and more natural form of a clock.

It will not be totally new to Samsung to present smartwatches on the big MWC exhibition. Last year Samsung could show all 3 smartwatches at the fair in the form of Samsung Gear 2 Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit.