Samsung Ready with Trying on New Apple Chip

Rivals from Samsung has won the battle to provide SoC’er for Apple’s upcoming A9-chip, and the first samples are ready

Korean Samsung doing various electronics and more, including processor chips. In fact, they make it so good that they have won the order to fix Apple’s SoC for the upcoming iPhone, namely A9 chip.

The reason that Samsung stands for A9-chip is that Samsung can do physically smaller and more powerful chips than Apple’s usual partner, TSMC.

The first copies of the A9 chip should already be put into production, and they should preferably be used in prototypes. Apple has a habit of presenting new products at the end of the year, and therefore, they have a good piece of time to test the new chips through.

The new way to produce on is using 14nm FinFET technology, which, according to Samsung even provide 20 percent more processing power, while at the same time using 35 percent less power than the current top models created on 20nm.

Samsung’s new approach also gives 15 percent smaller processors, and it is important at a time when electronics get thinner and thinner. On the way, there is more space for other components.