Samsung Shows Us The Benefits of Their Sensor Photo Isocell in a Video

We already said it a few days ago after seeing the first analysis thoroughly carried out the Samsung Galaxy 5. The new terminal star Samsung account with a high quality camera, which we now know that a sensor manufactured with Isocell technology that Samsung had announced a few months ago riding.

Perhaps to alleviate the murmur caused by the lack of optical stabilization, the Koreans have wanted tell us about the benefits of your new photo sensor Isocell in an explanatory video It sheds light on the workings of this technology.

We already knew that Isocell sensors are designed to increase the sensitivity and the absorption of light, looking to improve the performance in unfavourable light conditions. What we didn’t know is how had managed it to Samsung.

The solution is simple and ingenious, because after study it was concluded that the backlight of a pixel caused noise in pixels around, problem that Samsung engineers have solved by placing a few slices as a physical barrier between each photodiode.

So, pixels are isolated from one another, enabling them to collect all possible light without interference. This gets that each pixel receives as much information as possible without saturated, obtaining more realistic colors and better results especially in low light.

If this outside little, Isocell technology also reduces the thickness of the sensor with a structure that is wider and less tall, something key in the design of some increasingly slim smartphones.

Obviously, we don’t have a S5 Galaxy to tell you first-hand if it is camera is as good as it seems, although We hope to soon fall on the Engadget website table to let us of assumptions and realities talk.