Samsung Will Also Make Payment System

Like the Apple so will Samsung also have its own payment system that could compete with Apple must Pay.

They have been rivals for a long time, and there have been borrowed and mocked a little to both sides, but Samsung will now also make a payment system like Apple Pay. Samsung is discussing a collaboration with a new company to make the plans a reality.

It is the company LoopPay, which is in negotiations with Samsung on a solution. LoopPays system is different than Apple’s, which uses NFC technology, but the performance will look like Apple’s solution a lot.

LoopPay sends information to a betalignsstation through it they even call a magnetic safe shipment. Via the connection can LoopPay send the information on the magnetic strip of a credit card.

Because it is information, there are similar to those in a magnetic stripe, LoopPays solution will be transferable to a wide range of shops without any requirements for the stores. Apple’s solution requires that the store will install a cash register with the NFC.

However, there is little doubt as to how far LoopPay and Samsung are in their negotiations. A source says to Re/code, the agreement can still go in the sink, while another tells that LoopPay already has a prototype ready for Samsung.

Ends the negotiations out of a contract, then it will voice well matches with something LoopPays Chief said earlier this month. Here he could tell that the LoopPay would be integrated into a mainstream smartphone that would reach the masses of people.