Samsung Will Remove Bloatware from Android Devices

It is certainly not new that the app “bloatware”— those installed by manufacturers, operators, unnecessary or anyone else, are a nuisance. If at the time of the PC the situation could be resolved simply disinstallandole, mobile devices, this practice is no longer possible. Integrated within the ROM, you must resort to modding (usually simply the #root) to get rid of it, with the consequent warranty issues that we all know well.

Samsung is one of the companies that resort to this practice more assiduously, resulting in waste of space on the terminals and potential security risks. Things seem to have improved recently, the new flagship Galaxy S6 forward, but dealing with all older devices on the market yet?

In China the matter was the subject of a complaint by the local consumer association. Rather than proceed through legal, Samsung has agreed to release a software update for all affected devices that will allow users to uninstall any unwanted by apps without any complication, like any app. The update will come next month, but will not be available via OTA as they normally do.

The download and installation will be done manually. The source is unclear at 100%, but it looks like it will be even necessary to go physically in a Samsung Service Center to perform this procedure.

Unfortunately for us, it seems that this program will be available only in China and will not be extended to other markets.