Samung Galaxy S7 with USB Type-C

The spread of the connector USB Type-C began a few months ago and if you are still a few products that can boast this kind of input/output, soon we will see a very broad usage on Smartphones and tablets. The advantages are indisputable and if from a practical standpoint the inclusion in any side makes the connection, the type-C allows you to have much more speed in data transfer, higher current flow on a single USB to upload even NetBook (which is impossible with the Micro-USB), audio, video, OTG support and more on a single connector.

All major manufacturers have already shown strong interest in the Type-C and 2016 will be the year of consecration on all top range and 2017 should be the year in which the type-C will really be one standard to be used even on low end smartphone and Tablet/notebook, cheap consumer products of various kinds.

Samsung won’t be using it and Galaxy S7 will be the first top range of Korean manufacturer to take advantage of this door. It is also conceivable that arrive before other Galaxy with Type-C but S7 will be the first of the new generation with the hope that all products Samsung 2016 can integrate the same connector, at least from the midrange and up.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is available online from ePRICE to 555 euros. The value for money isdiscreet and is one of the best devices in this price range.