School Aid for the Small School Children-Use the iPad Makes Sense

While school teachers is lockoutet can the iPad be used for, to get some of the basic teachings in place. View our five tips here.

Right now is the Danish school children affected by the lockout, which for many means no teaching or for many at least less hours than normal.

But while conflict prevails, you can help your own children with, to get some basic teachings in place – via your smartphone or tablet.

It also means that the tablets and smartphones are not to be used for entertainment, but instead are used for applications that develops child and is instructive. A complement to the activity books, which still also can get in paper format, where it is about solving tasks.

But the jungle of applications for children can be difficult to find your way around in, and there are a great many are a waste of time – for the difference on the quality of applications is huge.

iPad’s entry into the Danish homes, kindergartens and classrooms

Since the first iPad came on the market for only three years ago, the and other tablets with lightning speed, consumed the Danish homes, kindergartens and classrooms at various schools. And using a tablet correctly, then there is actually ample opportunity to use it as a good learning tool.

For example, has also created a few mathematics-applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and you already have a subscription to Skolemat, which more than 160,000 students in Denmark has, so the program can be used for free. Otherwise, a subscription to costs 299 dollars for a year.

We’ve gathered a few applications, which you will find below, but there are also many more, so it’s just about to get started, if the kids still have to sit in front of the screen.

The letter of the school

The letter of the school is for the younger kids, who need to learn or train lettering form and writing direction.

So with the application Letter school children can learn or get trained their writing direction, as well as learn how to write both small and capital letters.

You can download the app for iPad in Apple’s App Store for 19 crowns.


Write and Read

Application Type and Read is developed specifically for the 2-7 year old children who get ready to school and just like started.

The aim is that children learn the alphabet and teach the various functions of the keyboard has-there are both active and passive learning opportunities in the application.

You can download the application for both iPad and iPhone in Apple’s App Store for 7 dollars.

Write and Read – WriteReader

Children can Read, write, and – with the application WriteReader, learn to read, write. The kids even got to be active, creative and learning to learn the Danish written language.

You can download the application Type and Read – WriteReader in Apple’s App Store for 45 dollars.

Mathema candy

A glorious and silly math games that are for kids and puerile figures and candy lovers. You can count the sweets, figure out how many pieces there are, and see silly characters eat candy until they get sugar shock.

The app can be downloaded for free in a smaller version and the full version costs otherwise 19 crowns in Apple’s App Store.

Plus-the game

In the application “Plus-the game” the child can experiment with putting animals and figures together. It is an application with funny figure forms.

In the application, you can count the animals, do calculations and put various animals into a plus-machi, and see which animal coming out. There are calculations which are so severe that there probably need help from an adult.

You can download the application “Plus-game” in Apple’s App Store for 19 crowns.
We have just found five examples of applications, but there is an ocean of educational applications in Apple’s App Store for both iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. But do you have an Android smartphone or tablet – then there are also a number of educational applications for these devices.