Season for Tights and Leggings

Our wardrobe changes with the seasons! First, because it must cope with temperature changes by covering well in winter and is baring a little more in the summer. But also because our colors desires fluctuate depending on the weather.

It is also thanks to changes of season as dressing becomes fun: what better than to feel in harmony with the time when you leave your home?

And if every season up its colors and styles, so each season its legwears fetishes! The colors, patterns, shapes and materials will evolve with the seasons, with time, trends and your desires!


Spring is the return of good weather: the focus is again on the shimmering colors without much to discover: the temperatures are still fresh and frequent showers. Thus her prettiest spring trench coat, her light skirts and above its united tights!

The tights in 50 denier United will be perfect: opaque enough so hot for this season but breathable enough not to stifle gams in the first year of sunshine.

The spring star pattern, it is undoubtedly the flowers we want to see grow as quickly as possible. The flowers tights are therefore the ideal legwear spring: with large colorful flowers or instead to small liberty grounds, there is something for all tastes and all personalities. We always will match her flowery tights in a rather plain but colorful outfit: a black skirt and a green top, pink, red… A pretty scarf flower reminder and voila!

The sticky star of the off season is the sticking satin, but we’ll talk about in the fall;)


This is the season where anything goes! It bears his leggings in the manner of trousers, we are pleased with tights and stockings and delicate in 10 to 15 denier that unify gams and give them a little tanned air while remaining invisible.

The leggings and lace tights, fishnet and hook are the best of the summer . They let the skin breathe and the dress gams of finely worked motifs.

The queens colors are turquoise and fuchsia… we will the gams! Whether leggings or tights, plain or patterned.

The perfect legwear for the summer, the jeggings, legging it so flexible and breathable denim remains comfortable even when temperatures soar. We can wear it like a jeans or a long tunic. Some are rhinestones, others are printed to imitate jeans trompe l’oeil (fly, pockets …), others are privateer form, discovering the calf.


With the autumn, we find our tights 30-40 denier is the offseason. The mustard yellow and all shades of brown are back.

But the real star of the autumn, the satin tights! This is a sticky veil (20 to 30 deniers) black or white, embroidered pea tonal. Pantyhose absolutely happening everywhere, synonymous with delicacy and femininity. Bear it as well with a feminine look with a dress like rock denim skirt / perfecto. The drawer Tights offers original dotted with sticky, sticky little heart to the small knots. The shop also offers a wide range of fancy satin tights.

Fall is also the season when you wear boots again. And said boots gaiters said…! Nothing like to narrow legs that overlay a skirt above the knee, and an opaque colored tights, a pair of leggings and loose boots. For more information on the issue, see our file: how to involve its legwears them?


Not surprisingly, the winter is the season for queen legwear warm and cozy! Angora socks, tights and even cozy fleece leggings!

This is also the perfect rules at TOP-MBA-UNIVERSITIES to keep warm in winter by wearing leggings without storing its little skirts at the bottom of her closet. How? By wearing a fleece leggings under her opaque tights or leggings: formidable! The pole will be responsible for the capture and retain your body heat while the opaque tights prevent cold air from coming into contact with your skin. Technical tested and approved by the women’s team of tights drawer.

Winter is also the season of jacquard… we will not hesitate to bring the gams thanks to leggings and other jacquard snowflake tights!

The cold season is a perfect time to wear beautiful colors like royal blue, deep red or purple: they brighten the day and warm your looks!