Selecting a Motorcycle Jacket

Choose a motorcycle jacket

The equipment of the motorcyclist, include mainly helmet, boots, gloves, pants and jacket. The latter has an alternative: the motorcycle jacket, which unlike the jacket, is a three quarter that partially protects the legs. The motorcycle jacket serves both to protect themselves from the elements (rain, snow, wind, fog, cold) and is used primarily in a fall and shock protection.

The use of the motorcycle jacket

The motorcycle jacket is ideal for the informed. The jacket has the advantage of being more waterproof jacket which is shorter. Water tends to less dribbling on the pants. It is much more convenient for storage: the pockets are large and accessible with zips. It is thought, to be functional on a day-to-day basis: easy maintenance, a waterproof material, warm winter and airy summer…

The motorcycle jacket is a fundamental element for the security that should be mandatory at the same helmet as. All biker jackets have removable pads that ensure safety. It is necessary that it is quality.

Choose his motorcycle jacket

When choosing a motorcycle jacket, several parameters (visit are to be taken into account:

  • The material. You can choose between a leather or textile motorcycle jacket. The leather, well that little tight is very resistant in case of shock and fall.It requires a fairly restrictive maintenance. Waterproof textiles in bad weather, is very comfortable and requires no special maintenance. There’s enough shock resistant.
  • The size. Check your size on the size of each brand guide. It is essential not to buy too much his jacket. To be effective, the jacket must be adjusted and close to the body.
  • The presence of a removable lining. Prefer a liner adapted to each season: warm winter, to avoid the currents of air and airy in the summer. Avoid nylon which sticks to the skin, on pain of being to a very unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation in the summer.
  • Observe the quality of finishes, like the seams. Choose a convenient jacket, whose maintenance will correspond to the use you make: leisure, road bike motorcycle… For example, remember to choose a bike with a high collar jacket or a zip code to connect his jacket to pants.

Very often, it is the side aesthetic that prevails at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, try to think about the use of your jacket motorcycle on a daily basis, before thinking to treat your look.