Send a Football to Vulnerable Children in Sierra Leone

Help support a good cause-while you’re well entertained and challenged in new football application from Hummel.

A new application from the popular Danish firm Hummel “Hummel Football Game”, now gives users the possibility to send the “real” soccer balls off to vulnerable children in Africa, and help them to change the world through sport.

Hummel Football Game is one of the first games ever, which combines gaming with social responsibility.

Users’ results have a direct impact on daily life in Sierra Leone in Africa, since Hummel sends real footballs of place when users manage to win 11 bronze cups. Hummel’s goal is to fill a container with 10,000 football.

The game takes its starting point in the football clubs, as Hummel is a sponsor of. Therefore, the game also takes place on the respective domestic courts. It is the clubs Christiania, Afghanistan, Roskilde Festival, Sierra Leone, AGF, Brøndby if, FC St Pauli and Mersin.

The user is attacking, which will “slide” your finger across the screen to score – and the more goals scored the more points you get. And depending on how many points you get, you are rewarded with a trophy in either gold, silver or bronze – and these are the cups, which ultimately triggers a ball sent to Sierra Leone.

Tenacious players have already since the game was made available that Hummel has sent more than 300 footballs to Western Africa.

It is possible to send one ball of place per unit, so it is just about to install the game on all the devices you have.

Hummel Football Game is free to download and can be found both in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.