Sephora Nail Stickers

Our lettirici most faithful already know the stickers glazes, we have spoken last year by presenting Only You Nail Sticker, the adhesive enamels that are found exclusively in perfumeries Marionnaud.

Now perfumery Sephora have proposed these types of glazes really innovative, they’re called Nail Patch, and you find them in small black boxes containing components to create a complete manicure. Once you have found these glazes and you have gained some familiarity with the application, you can not do without, because they give a result really perfect!

What does adhesives glazes? First you must know that they have nothing to do with the classic glazes liquid, because come in the form of stikers of various sizes that cover all the fingernails, from the thumb to the little finger. Read more tips of nail stickers on

Each pack contains 16 adhesive, instead of ten, because it is contemplated that one can commit errors in the application. This should immediately reassure all of inexperienced Nail Patch stickers enamels: in case of error, there are stocks! 🙂 Lots of shades, from pink to red to purple to black are available and there are versions with glitter and french format.

The Nail Patch stickers enamels have several advantages:
– covering the nails with an intense color, bright and uniform;
– do not cause smearing: complete manicure the result is perfect;
– have an incredible tight, resist at least 11 days;
– apply simply as adhesives;
– are easily removed with acetone, as the classic liquid glazes;
– have a low cost, the price of each pack of 7.90 Euro (8.90 Euro for versone french manicure).

Uncovered all good reasons to buy them, we see how to use them. The Nail Patch apply directly on dry nails, here are the steps. 1. First we need to identify the adhesive of the most suitable size for the nail from which you want to start, then gradually will join the remaining stickers to the remaining nails. Each stripe in this pack contains 8 stickers 8 different sizes, ideal for all types of nails. 2. Identified the stickers, you have to remove the transparent protective film and release the adhesive strip paint. 3. Then you can gently apply the adhesive starting from the edge of the cuticle to get to the end of the nail, making it adhere on the entire area and smoothing the surface with the passage of a finger. If an error occurs, you can remove and re-apply the adhesive, or use another as the package comes with 16 adhesive: unless you do it wrong you will advance 6! 4. Finally, the adhesive part in excess of the size of the nail, It must be bent by applying pressure on the end of the nail and then eliminated. If with this step you can not accurately remove the adhesive paint, you can pass a nail file, gently filing down.

It seems difficult, but it is not at all! Once on the hand, you will see that the application will be quick and easy.Sometimes it can happen that the adhesive enamels are too big compared to the size of their nails, in these cases it is good to cut the adhesive with a pair of scissors before applying them. If you try the french version you’ll have to make a double pass for each nail, before applying the white end and then the adhesive covering the entire area.

I remind you that the enamels Nail Patch stickers are on sale at all perfumery Sephora.