Series Casio Watches


The dream of Kikuo Ibe, director of Casio watches design was to create a robust and shock-resistant watch, in a time when watches were characterized by their fragility. Thus it was born in 1983 the first model of Casio G-Shock, and until today has continued to evolve and improve every day until the toughest watch market.


The idea from which emerges the concept of G-Shock is the concept of triple 10: lifespan of 10 years resistance of 10 bar and the ability to withstand a drop of 10 meters. Its main feature is the hollow design of the housing, subject only to a few points, which allows the heart of the watch is virtually suspended, protecting against any impact.

All round the clock is protected by a projecting flange made of resin so that the blows did not fall directly on the buttons or on the field. And if all this were not enough, the Casio G-Shock watches brings an extra to the most important and sensitive parts padded protection. See

This extra protection makes the Casio G-Shock watches offer the following advantages over other clocks:

  • Resistance equal to the gravitational forces experienced by black boxes of the aircraft.
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures, both positive and negative.
  • The resulting resistance when performing a risky sport, disastrous for the most sensitive and small parts vibrations, the Casio G-Shock watches solved with extra padding.
  • Resistance to electrical currents and direct impact such as hammering.

G-SHOCK watches incorporate the following technologies:

  • Bluetooth:The Bluetooth technology allows us to synchronize a G-Shock watch our mobile device to handle basic functions such as alarms, receiving mail, notice calls or automatic configuration hour. From our wrist we can access information without having to consult mobile, gaining comfort.
  • Smart Access:Through the crown of the G-Shock able to access the main functions of your watch as a stopwatch, timer or alarm. Technology to simplify the management of your watch.
  • Solar technology:The Casio G-Shock watches bring installed a small solar panels that permmiten auto loading with sunlight, avoiding concerns over duracción battery if you find yourself in a place where you can not replace.
  • Automatic adjustment:All G-Shock radio controlled watches incorporating a small antenna to receive the exact time of all parts of the world. For those who travel all over the world it is always very useful to automatically set the time functionality.


The little brother of the Casio G-Shock watches. This line of women’s watches follow the footsteps of his older brothers in the resistance, reliability and performance, but are designed for a younger audience casual, athletic and

All Baby-G models come with a variety of colors and are suitable for any sport thanks to its multitude of features and virtually indestructible housing.


Casio Edifice watches the series is distinguished above all for being in sports watch but without neglecting the elegance, sober but elegant designs.

Like all watches Casio EDIFICE series is created with high quality materials. The mail can be resin or steel, the housing is stainless steel on all models and the glass of the dial is scratch resistant.

In 2013 Casio introduced in its Edifice watches the “Multi-Mission Drive,” which allows you to run several functions independently, and also allows the hands to move individually technology.

EDIFICE is one of the, always elegant modern series of Casio but without losing sight of functionality, implementing Casio’s core technologies:

  • Wave Ceptor: receive radio signals from atomic clocks around the world to provide high accuracy.
  • Tough Solar: The tiny clock is recharged via solar panels.
  • Stopwatch memory up to 10 times.
  • Smart Access: Access through the crown to the main functions of the clock.

Besides all this, the Casio Edifice series is sponsoring Team Red Bull Formula 1.


They are the most classic watches of all series of Casio. Watches are suitable for day to day, with a retro style reminiscent of the 80s are made of steel primarily, but there are also models with leather strap or resin.

These watches have the basic functions, stopwatch, calendar, LED light and little else, but instead provide reliability and durability difficult to achieve in other models.



Multi Task Gear Casio watches series are mainly therefore very resistant to shock and vibration thanks to its box resin absorbs any impact. Some models include stainless steel strap to give a touch of elegance, other models have a resin band to increase ergonomics.

They are technologically very complete watches, including technologies like barometer, thermometer, compass or an automatic schedule. The higher-end models can introduce a moon phase indicator or output indicator and sunset. They are suitable for sports such as diving, water resistance for up to 10 bar. Click to see more.


The series of watches Casio Pro-Trek is a series for the more adventurous. If you practice mountaineering, trekking, hiking or any extreme sport it is a watch that can take you more than a pinch.

The models of the Pro-Trek series watches are not for everyday use, it is a watch to go to the mountain. They are large, bulky watches and yet very light. They are prepared to guide functions built and bring the latest technology, always giving priority to reliability, if you’re a regular mountain or trekking Pro-Trek watches will be your great ally.

Most of its models have the resin case and mineral glass sphere, to provide greater resistance to shock. The strap can be made of titanium or also resin depends on what you are going to give is more advisable latter, as you will more easily when hanging backpack or attach it somewhere on the bike or a all terrain.

Most notable of these watches is that at a glance will see the most important data, all the information that you can be useful on the environment. It is always reliable and very strong, with the imperative to go mountain clock technology:

  • It altimeter is essential for those who tend mountaineering, measuring altitude with surprising accuracy.
  • The barometer helps to measure atmospheric pressure, and thus makes a prediction of the time during the next few hours, even to predict storms several hours in advance, which can save us a shock if we have no way to tell time Real on weather forecasts.
  • Not forgetting essential tools like the compass or thermometer, especially useful when there is a dense fog or find yourself in low visibility.

The Pro-Trek watches are recharged with sunlight, it is important to consider this point very comfortable in some ways no longer have to be aware of replacing the battery, but you have to unwillingly with clothing or any accessory not find downloaded at the most inopportune time.

One of the most striking features of this series is its automatic lighting, often need both hands to perform an activity and can not give the button to illuminate the sphere in low visibility conditions. Automatic mode illuminates the backlight to turn the clock to the face to see the data.