Session Logging Might on the Way Back

Just seven months after it was abolished, considering the politicians to restore session logging and logging of cell locations.

In June 2014, then justice minister Karen Haekkerup, decided to abolish the strict rules on interception, which went out on that Danes’ movements on the Internet were logged.

The monitoring was introduced immediately after the terrorist bombings in London in 2005, but was criticized from several quarters, since the logging relatively easily could be circumvented by the use of VPN or Tor, writes Information.

The logging turned out not very usable, as it certainly showed on a user, for example, looked on YouTube, but not which videos were shown.

It was for about 3.5 trillion registrations per year, and the national police stated that they are only in one case had found the records usable in an investigation, just as PET in 2012 reported only to a very limited extent had found it appropriate to obtain logging information.

Now it seems that justice minister Faamoe is ready to introduce new logging, among other things, to detect mobile phones location.

According to Information, in a memo from the national police up to registration of mobile phones location each time a data transmission. When the possibly to be introduced is still unclear, but in a response to Information minister of Justice Faamoe writes:

“Criminals often use phones today and the internet to organize crime. Therefore, it is essential that the police have the necessary tools to fight crime. At the same time, it is crucial that the logging rules also guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of citizens. “