Seven Different Sets for Honeymoon

For a long time we have seen win more and more ground with vintage-inspired lingerie. Among the most popular pieces, in addition to the pantyhose, lingerie and corsets, are the panties or high-waist pants. Hundreds of models are at your fingertips so that you include these super feminine pieces in your lingerie drawer. Lace, transparencies, floral designs, memories of the period art deco or romantic designs. You choose the style. Here are five good reasons from usvsukenglish for include at least a model of panty from high waist to your wardrobe would you join the trend?

They are comfortable – the high waist panties are really comfortable and this is one of the most important points – if not the most important – when choosing any piece of underwear. Being a panty great coverage brief style, you feel extremely well the majority of female figures and not having to worry if a band is or sinking in the body, is certainly an added value.

You can find different waist high, so if not you feel entirely comfortable with the models higher, you can always opt for a high average, keeping the unchanged look.

They help to shape – although he is not of specific models of reductive lingerie, the high waist panties certainly help to conceal certain curves of our body. Being so close to the natural waist of the woman, the high waist panties will help control the “chubby” or “muffin tops” that other models of lower court leave so to view. The stomach also receives a special treatment since the simple structure of the piece slightly contains the stomach, flattening and smoothing. Some parts have panels reinforced in the area of the stomach so that the compression is a bit stronger.

They are not noticeable under clothing – although it has a lot to do with choosing the correct size of underwear, the truth is that different panty models affect on how your clothing looks. Unless you have 0% body fat, the g-string panties and thongs with hairline tapes in the hip will sink into your body, even if it’s only a millimeter and believe me to be noticed under your tight skirt.

The panties in waist high, to provide more coverage, smooth lines without which most models include “seamless” technology or seamless, so it is extremely difficult to be noticed under clothing.

Trendy – and this is always a good reason. Since last year, with vintage-inspired lingerie is a strong trend. Certainly continues his reign this year and doesn’t seem to want to disappear, you’ll see what lingerie designers include increasingly more models of this sexy lingerie in each of their collections. This means that you will find hundreds of different designs, some with waists higher than other, different settings, different materials, different designs and colors. It is impossible not to find one that fits what you are looking for.

They are sensual – beam case ignored those who refer to the panties of high waist as the “Granny panties”. These panties of are completely different from loose trousers skin color that our grandmothers used. And, although in fact many men prefer the smaller models, these modern female panties are really sensual. Choose models with details of genres soft and silky, lace and transparency and, if wish you, some sensual pantyhose and lingerie to add a few degrees more temperature.