Sheepskin Abundance

During the holiday is common to see in stores called sheep of abundance, these sheep give away on the new year eve and they are a symbol of economic prosperity. Account the legend that anyone with a sheepskin hanging on your door not him missing money throughout the year, as well as an amulet can be an excellent gift, why here you say how to do an original centerpiece for your loved ones.


    • Borrego porcelain, ceramic or plastic
    • Wooden box with divisions
    • Seed: corn, lentils, rice, beans and broad beans
    • Red Ribbon
    • Glue
    • Christmas ornaments

  • 7 x 7 cm wooden box
  • Coffee painting


  1. 1. paint the box and the box of wood with paint, apply two to three layers so that the color is well concentrated and allowed to dry.
  2. once dry box, add the seeds in each of the divisions, if your box has no divisions can be made with pieces of cardboard, only cut them crosswise box.
  3. with adhesive set the wood frame to the center of the box with the seeds and placed over the Sheepskin.
  4. with the Ribbon decorate the box as you like and placed the bauble in the middle to finish.

With these simple steps, you can give an original detail to your loved ones who also has great significance and is a great decoration to begin the new year.