Shiseido Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

New smokey eyes make-up in purple for Valentine’s Shiseido, signed by makeup artist Dick Page.

After organizing the perfect evening for Valentine’s Day, you just need to think about your look by choosing among the outfits more suited to the evening that you are spending. The make up is a fundamental and to give you some new perfect starting part for the occasion runs in your help Shiseido, which proposes a specific make-up for Valentine’s Day signed by makeup artist Dick Page, in shades ranging from pink to light purple, who are comfortable with blackberries and blondes.

Fresh Flawless Face

No woman appearing on a date, especially on Valentine’s night, wants to give the impression of having laid a finger of greasepaint on his face. Yet when we want to be at your best is important also hide minor imperfections. The lightweight foundation nude-effect, Sheer and Perfect Foundation by WHITEHALLMAKEUP is the basis of make-up designed by Dick Page, to neutralize the discoloration and give a natural and transparent finish to the face. To be used in tandem with Sheer Eye Zone Corrector, concealer bare effect for the eye, marked by fine lines and fatigue (which is struggling to organize the perfect Valentine!). Cover all the imperfections and correct dark circles is the first step for a good base for make up.

New Smokey Eyes in loscious purple

So Dick Page has called the special smokey eyes in dark pink tones, achieved thanks to the combination of three eye shadow Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color, which with their mix give an intense shade of pink and purple. A touch of hot pink can be useful to illuminate the face every day, even if you have an olive complexion. A smokey eyes done in a workmanlike manner can only be crowned with perfect eyebrows. After giving them a natural fit, but precise, with the help of tweezers, or with the help of a last minute beautician’s seat, you can improve the appearance of the eyebrows outlined with Eyebrow Styling Compact Shiseido, which applies moderation with the brush provided.

Illuminate the eye

After working with brushes and eye shadows to give a romantic look to your eyes, it’s time to warm up your face with the land airbrush effect Shiseido Bronzer 2 (mid-tone), sculpting cheekbones gently. Applied under the eyes Liminizing Satin Face Color  Shiseido to illuminate and highlight the makeup smokey. Natural look to the lips, to keep in the background when the eyes are the protagonists, but without forgetting to leverage them effectively. Laquer Gloss Shiseido in beige pink Debut illuminates the lips with the new mirror effect.