Shoes Bad for Feet

With this heat, we want to get our flip flops, ballet flats and wedges. Still, if you can be very comfortable in it, these shoes are not at all suited to our feet and a good approach.

The American Association of Chiropodists, the American Podiatric Medical Association warns: Summer shoes, this is not the foot! Indeed, they do not maintain enough foot and can even lead to health problems in the knees and hips.

These shoes that leave our toes are free to book at the beach or pool. The Association explains that thongs do not support the arch, do not absorb shock, and have no heel cushioning. By paying too often one risk of knee problems, hip, back and plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the foot). Some podiatrists recommend instead of flip flops in reinforced soles like FitFlops.

With our little ballerinas for dance, we almost take for Audrey Hepburn. Yet from wearing these shoes, you risk not being able to adopt the feline of the American actress. According to podiatrists, walk wearing ballerinas like walking on cardboard. Like thongs, they provide no support for the arch and can also cause plantar fasciitis of. To improve comfort feet in ballet flats, you can add orthotics to reduce pressure on sensitive areas.

The heels compensated
Because they are too rigid, the wedge heels can also cause plantar fasciitis. This is manifested by severe pain in the heel and can turn into a “heel spur” or a bone outgrowth on the back foot. Wedge heels can cause sprains of the ankle. Moreover, if the rear of the sole is much higher than before, the shoe may exert too much pressure on the metatarsus, that is to say, the long bones located on foot 5 toes, and put undermined the biomechanics of walking.

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