Shopping? Here is The Outfit More Convenient to Do The Tail To The Dressing Rooms

Feel like shopping with friends? We made for you the complete outfit, quick and easy to put on and take off during the countless parades among mannequins, shop windows, mirrors and dressing rooms.

SALE of time … Shopping time!

And let’s face it, there’s nothing like shopping for the girls.

Candid friends you can say no offense if something looks good on you or not, if those shoes are a bargain or just a mirror for larks, though the handbag using with more than one outfit or whether to buy it is just a whim of the moment.

And after a long shopping trip, nothing better than an aperitif and lots of gossip! We are women!

The most important thing for your own look, when you decide to tackle the SALD I (and all the negative things that follow, such as fights, long walks and a bit ‘of madness that only we can understand) is comfort.

But as you understand, we RDD we can not give up being glamorous.

Sports and super chic in llo same time ?! It is easier than you think. First minimal is best . Few bulky and / or colored super garments accessories.

Every so often a leader must simply try resting the body and looking in the mirror, to avoid the hours of the queue in the dressing room and have garish colors makes him difficult to understand if the combinations we have in mind can be fine or not.

Trust a “mad for” balances.

For this reason the outfit I propose is a bit ‘shabby-chic, very romantic, but neutral colors.
White skirt, reaching to the feet, to deal with the heat, but with class.

And especially thanks to its soft line, the skirt will be fast to take in the many changes and trials of clothes.

The shorts you can always try raising it, the same jeans.

But in any case, the practicality of a skirt if you want to buy the garments is unsurpassed. How many times we give up buying something just because we do not want to take off pants etc.?!

Via laziness!
Inside the skirt, a shirt without sleeves soft, bluish color. Ideal for blonde, brunette, redhead, olive scales and pale.

In short, a mat decidedly elegant and fresh.

The latest fashion wants the last fastened button … and I’m absolutely pro this choice.

You will understand when I explain what could be the best accessories.

The are here:  ONLY SHALLOW – Blouse
Flat shoes but absolutely feminine!

Adorable (and super cheap) this model Anna Field.

Colorful and perfect in a maxi skirt.

The new twist is all the sneakers Woman !!!

The trovi that: ANNA FIELD – Low Sneakers

Generous and with an eye for our shopping sprees.

Thanks to bow to close well the stock market there will not nessun’ansia of losing keys, wallets and especially … ATM!

Seriously, practice, with double handle and a handy shoulder strap for when your hands are occupied with a thousand bags full of new clothes!

For a day at the center, that’s the most suitable sunglasses to complete the look by shopping.

soft color that takes the skirt, regular shape, suitable for all faces.

Be beautiful and “mysterious” we like always.
And for accessories will reflect the colors of the outfit and sneakers.

Here’s to act as a second collar sleeveless shirt we can use this latest fashion necklace, and you can reuse with dozens of look.

Often enough this only to give a tone more in a white t-shirt or a denim shirt.

The are here: SWEET DELUXE AVILES – Necklace
Combined, the pink earrings.

Round, large enough to be noticed and complete a romantic and look comfortable at the same time but not exaggerated.

The attention, quiet, will be on all of you … and the envy targeted to your new purchases!